2.0.02 - 10 August 2014

New features

Support for XDocsFMx 2.0

This update provides support for the XDocsFMx 2.0 connector providing DITA 1.2 features with the XDocs CMS.

Keyrefs to a topic now use title text, also provides alt text support

When the associated keydef for a key element reference (like a keyword) does not define topicmeta content, the effective element content is now pulled from the topic title referenced by the keydef href. Also, key element references can make use of alternative text when no topicmeta content is defined.

Structure application updates


Bug fixes / minor updates

Book-build process supports complex paths

The Generate Book from Map command can now handle more complex directory structures than in previous releases. A topicref/@href that starts with a “..\” should resolve properly now.

Conrefs to figs are not deleted when using the Move Figure Title option

Previously, when using the “Move Figure Titles” option for book-builds, a conref to a fig would result in that element being deleted from the output. This has been fixed.

Insert Key Element Reference dialog supports multiple keyspaces

Available keys are now properly updated when a different keyspace is selected.

Using keyrefs with images on Windows Vista/7/8

Images that use a keyref with no href fallback should work properly now on Windows Vista/7/8.

Update References: xref option works properly

The Update References xref option no longer deletes xrefs.

Set Attributes dialog provides Edit INI button

A new Edit INI button lets you easily make edits to the filtergroups.ini file to control filtering groups displayed in the dialog.