2.0.05 - 13 September 2016

New features

Added support for new number formats


Added support for these *NumberFormat values in bookbuild INI: Kanji, Zenkaku, UCZenkaku, LCZenkaku, Kazu, Daiji, FullWidthNumeric, UCFullWidthAlpha, LCFullWidthAlpha, ChineseNumeric (last 4 only valid for FM9 and later).

New labels for external topicrefs

Added prefix to topicref labels in map. For external hrefs, use protocol as prefix (only happens when "Title" is selected in options).

Improved support for indexterm ranges

Added support for start/end range Index marker syntax. Sets @start and @end values based on marker text.

The text of the Index marker (including subentry text) is the value for the @start and @end attributes, but once those attributes are set, you’ll have to manually change the attributes if you want to change the values. (Changing the marker text won't change the attribute values.)

The first time an Index marker is converted into an indexterm, it’ll “do the right thing” and split on semicolons, even if the marker has multiple start/end range markup. But, if you edit an existing marker that has a @start or @end attribute, and you tack on a semicolon with a new entry, it’ll split those, but the new entry will have the same @start or @end value. This basically duplicates the attributes on the element. This may or may not be what you really want, but something to be aware of.

At this time, indexterms are not supported in maps (thus ranges are not either). The content of the “end” indexterm is ignored.

Structure application updates

Map EDD (map_1.2.edd.fm)

Limited support for topichead/glossref (visually in map, still not properly supported by XSLT though).

Topic app (topic_1.2.edd.fm, topic_1.2.template.fm)

Added limited support for hazardstatement elements.

Book app (book_1.2.edd.fm, book_1.2.template.fm)

Added limited support for hazardstatement elements.

Book XSLT (bookmap2fmbook.xsl)

Provide minimal support for topichead, it is now no longer deleted, unwrapped instead, @navtitle is lost but remaining markup persists.

Bug fixes / minor updates

Table cell rotation

If a table cell is rotated, and you use the reference page coloring/properties feature, the rotation specified in the topic now takes precidence over any rotation defined in the reference page.

Also, now multiple values are supported in @outputclass (space-delimited).

indexterm fixes

Fixed case where a trailing semicolon and space was creating empty indexterm.

Fixed case where empty Index marker was writing <fm-indexterm> to DITA, causing error.

keyrefs deleted on file open

Fixed problem with XDocsFMx (and possibly elsewhere) with keyrefs that got deleted on file open.

keydef with angle brackets

A keydef with content that uses angle brackets will display properly now.

Rendering of invalid conkeyref

An invalid conkeyref now renders as "[CONKEY:<conkeyval>]".

xref relink fix

Relinking an xref to a new topic type, now updates @type to the new topic type.

Reference Manager fix

Reference Manager now properly scrolls to the selected element and element data.

Navtitle not lost if target topicref is missing

On map save, if the referenced topic is missing, no longer writes “FILE NOT FOUND” text to navtitle.

fm-var no longer deletes conditional tagging

A fm-var in the first child element of a block element (like abstract/shortdesc or ul/li), no longer causes conditional tagging on the block element to get lost.

Crash on edit of invalid attribute

If an attribute is copied to an element where it is invalid, editing that attribute with the Set Attributes command no longer crashes Frame.

image handling fixes

The file save operation no longer writes an empty @align attribute for images.

A mis-cased image file extension no longer causes image reimport for book builds.

Insert image dialog

Changed the Insert Image dialog so the default alignment is “sticky” (persistent in session) if no default is defined in the EDD, otherwise the default is based on the EDD default.

Change to book build default

Changed the default for book-build PromptToOverwrite to "Off".

Book-build messages

Eliminated the “ERROR: Unable to open ditaval file! []” message during book builds with reltables.

Auto-prolog support for required abstract

The auto-prolog feature will now work properly if your EDD specifies that the abstract is required..

Fixed disabling of keyboard-only commands

The keyboard-only commands were disabled after switching to XML code view and back. This has been fixed.

Where Used topicref fix

Now properly reports topicref references in the selected map.