2.0.06 - 20 November 2017

New features

Added support for FM 2017
Important: For installations on FM 2017, the update #2 (14.0.2) is required for DITA-FMx due to updated FDK library.
Added support for Lightweight DITA
  • Includes new LwDITA-FMx-Topic, LwDITA-FMx-Map and LwDITA-FMx-Book structure apps (based on latest pre-release LwDITA DTDs).

  • Auto-detects “xdita” in topic/@domains to “do the right thing” with the LwDITA model.

  • New Map adds “title” as /map/topicref/navtitle (structapp applies formatting to that navtitle).

  • Wrap a <simpletable> with a <fig>, fig/@outputclass is set to 'fm:tablewrapper' (allows the <title> in the <fig> to be formatted as a table title).

Added support for DITA-OT 2.x and 3.x

The Generate Output command now detects the DITA-OT version selected in the External Application Settings dialog and uses the proper syntax for the OT command line. The transformation type (format) entries in the BuildFile section of the ditafmx.ini are set to those available in OT 2.5.4; if you require alternate transformation types, you’ll need to edit that section.

Added support for hazardstatement elements

Provides support for rendering hazardstatement elements for authoring as well as new publishing options. For details, refer to Working with Hazard Statements.

fmx:maxlen feature (beta)

New fmx:maxlen feature provides interactive length checking of an element. Enable by adding add the attribute “fmx:maxlen” to an element definition. Specify a default value of the maximum length in characters (make it read only and possibly hidden). This attribute should not be written to XML. This attribute will be used if set in the ditafmx.ini with INIOnly/ElemMaxLenCheck=1.

xref-container feature (beta)

New element/feature to allow markup (such as images) within an xref.

Structure application updates

Lightweight DITA structure applcations
  • Three new structure applications are provided to support Lightweight DITA. LwDITA-FMx-Topic, LwDITA-FMx-Map, and LwDITA-FMx-Book can be installed by extracting the contents of the LwDITA-FMx_apps.zip file found in the DITA-FMx-2 installation folder.

Topic app (topic_1.2.edd.fm, topic_1.2.template.fm)
  • Added support for fm-var in the shortdesc general rule.

  • Added support for hazardstatement processing, including updates to the hazardstatement (and related element) context rules and the addition of numerous hazard* paragraph tags.

Book app (book_1.2.edd.fm, book_1.2.template.fm)
  • Added support for fm-var in the shortdesc general rule.

  • Added support for hazardstatement processing, including updates to the hazardstatement (and related element) context rules, the addition of numerous hazard* paragraph tags, a new Hazard table format, and new hazard* color definitions.

Book XSLT (bookmap2fmbook.xsl)
  • Updated to support SAXON as the XSLT processor (the default in FM2015 and FM 2017). Both the XALAN and SAXON versions of this XSLT file are provided in the Book application folder. FM 2015 and FM2017 users should be able to use this out-of-the-box, but installing on FM versions before FM 2015, you’ll need to copy the XALAN version for use. For details, see the _SAXON-or-XALAN.txt. file in the Book application folder.

Component template updates
  • All updates to the Book application EDD and template are reflected in the component templates.

  • Added new tpl~topicref.fm component template.

  • Added new tpl~topicref-HAZALT.fm component template that provides an example of the alternate hazardstatement table publishing option.

Bug fixes / minor updates

Table formatting
  • Tables with titles are now properly indented during the book-build process (if the “Indent Tables” option is enabled).

  • Table widths (for both simpletables and regular tables) are now properly sized in the book-build process.

  • If the “Preserve Table Widths” option is enabled, the percentage values are not assigned to tables where @pgwide=’1’ (they remain full page width).

  • Fixed an error with table width sizing on tables where @pgwide is greater than “1”.

Image updates
  • Inserting an image into an existing fig now sets the @placement attribute to “break”.

  • Default value in EDD for image/@placement attribute is now used as the default value in the Insert Image dialog.

Graphic overlay object issues
  • To support use in LwDITA (where data/@datatype is not valid), graphic overlay objects will now use data/@name instead. This migration will happen on file save and should be transparent to users. If you want to continue using @datatype rather than @name for this purpose, set the following parameter in the ditafmx.ini file .. INIOnly/UseDatatype=1

  • Added full support for FP_NumPoints (number of points in a polyline). This was being written but not read.

Ditaval issues
  • The by deletion option now supports filtering with a missing attr or val attribute. This has been supported in the as conditions option.

Conditional filtering update
  • A new feature was added for those who want manually apply conditional tagging to content in your DITA files, and have those conditions controlled (hide/show state) along with the conditionalization settings in the Options dialog. The hide/show state of conditions with names based on the default “DITA-*” conditions and ending with “-Set” (i.e. “DITA-Prolog-Set”) are toggled along with the default conditions.

Reference Manager issues
  • The values presented in the conrefend field should now be correct regardless of other selected values.

  • The Element Data list populates with only values valid at the current insertion point.

File reference issues
  • File references (@href attributes) that use encoded spaces (“%20”) now load properly.

  • UpdateReferences command now works properly when the auto-load options are off.

Key referencing issues
  • An unresolved keyref on an image no longer deletes that image element on file open.

  • Updating an existing conkeyref (with the Reference Manager) no longer deletes that element.

  • Saving a file with an unresolved conkeyref, no longer writes that node with a missing element name.

  • Inline conkeyrefs are no longer converted into their parent elements on file save.

  • Inline elements within key element references are no longer converted to visible markup, now elements are unwrapped (content remains, but markup is gone). This is not an ideal solution; will eventually fully support inline elements.

Topicref issues
  • Topicref navtitles are now truncated at 250 bytes in length. When content is truncated, the navtitle will end with an ellipsis. To change this length set the following ditafmx.ini parameter accordingly .. INIOnly/NavtitleLen

  • Updating a topicref (with the Update References command) which references a topic with multibyte characters will no longer create an empty navtitle element.

  • Fixed the handling of navtitles to allow for formatting that applies a prefix.

Auto-prolog issues
  • Auto-adding “revised date” with the “new author” option not selected, now works as expected.

Book-build INI updates
  • Added BookBuildOverrides/FixTableWidths=1 setting to correct table widths after master pages are applied. This is needed if the new master page(s) are wider than the base page width.

  • Added new BookBuildOverrides/HazardToTable setting to enable/disable the hazardstatement processing in a book build.

  • Added new BookBuildOverrides/UseColorFromTable=0 setting to prevent color from being applied to full-width hazard tables.

  • Added new BookBuildOverrides/HazardSymbolMaxWidth setting to provide deliverable-specific control over the hazard symbol width. If not set, the value in the Authoring Options dialog is used. Note that this is a “max” width setting; it does not increase the width of a smaller image.

  • Fixed error in handling PDFDocInfo settings. If an item was sent to an empty value, then entire process would fail.

ditafmx.ini updates
  • In a fresh installation (or after deleting the INI), the new ditafmx.ini file is written as UTF-8.

  • Checking for MaxRefLevels parameter is done first in the INIOnly section then in the General section. (Logic was reversed before, but this parameter is “ini only”.)

  • Added new “beta” INIOnly/ElemMaxLenCheck=1 setting to enable the fmx:maxlen feature (described above).

  • The BuildFile/OTVer parameter is now a “no-op”. The OT version is now read from the <OTDIR>\lib\configuration.properties file. If this file doesn’t exist, the OT version is assumed to be 1.5 (that file didn’t exist before OT 1.6).

CMS support
  • Updates to fix conref and conrefend problems with xDocsFMx.

  • Maintenance renewal message now allows 360 days to buy renewal.