1.1.18 - 14 January 2014

New Features

Added support for FrameMaker 12
DITA-FMx should work properly with FM12. It does not work fully with FrameMaker XML Author.
Added support for identifying flattened conrefs
Added INIOnly/FlattenedConrefAttr parameter. If set to specify an attribute name, adds attrname='flattened-conref' to flattened conrefs. This is useful for a publishing process that needs to identify content that came from a conref.
Added “post pagination” script book-build options
The default book-build script runs before the content has been conditionalized and other processes run which affect pagination. If you have a script that needs to run after pagination, use these new BookBuildOverrides options (RunPostPaginationScript, PostPaginationScriptName, and PostPaginationScriptArgs).

Structure Application Updates

Import XSL script updates
The expandOrig.xsl and bookmap2fmbook.xsl scripts were updated to add support for references to maps from a backmatter and other elements.
Book template updates
The book_1.1.template.fm file was updated to include “title-appx.0” and “title-part.0” paragraph tags which were referenced by the EDD (added in an earlier update).

Bug Fixes / Minor Updates

Conditionalize Data option conditionalizes area now
The Conditionalize Data option now applies the DITA-Data condition to any area elements.
All 20 custom attribute values display properly in Set Attributes dialog
When using all 20 custom attribute values in the filtergroups.ini file, and if those strings were long, it was possible that they would not all display completely in the Set Attributes dialog. This has been fixed.