1.1.16 - 1 December 2012

New Features

Updates to the BookTemplatesDir parameter in the book-build INI file
You can now use the $STRUCTDIR variable in the BookTemplatesDir parameter to specify a path in the FrameMaker Structure directory.
The path specified in the BookTemplatesDir parameter is now always relative to the generated book file. Previously, when the default book-build INI file was used (the one in the DITA-FMx folder), the path was relative to the INI file. Now it’s consistent.
Added support for alternate default image placement values
When opening a file that contains image elements with no @placement value, the default was to set those to @placement=’break’ (even though the default value for @placement is ‘inline’). Now you can set the ditafmx.ini parameter INIOnly/ImagePlacement to control this for your needs. Valid values are: 0 = use EDD default; 1 = set to ‘inline’; 2 = set to ‘break’ (the default).

Structure Application Updates

Book XSLT (expandOrig.xsl)
Support for topicref/@print=’no’ was added to expandOrig.xsl.

Bug Fixes / Minor Updates

Whitespace normalization has been updated
If the option is enabled, whitespace normalization is performed when files are opened. There were times when this didn’t work properly for some types of pretty-printed files. Now, the following processing is applied: multiple whitespace characters are collapsed into a single whitespace, and all leading and trailing whitespace is removed from each element (unless it is defined as a “preformatted” element).
DITA-FMx commands are now available in the FM11 Author View
FM11 adds Code View and Author View options. The DITA-FMx commands are now available in Author View.
Fixes to the DITA-OT build process including support for OT 1.6.x
The ditafmx-ant.xml file has been updated to support changes made in OT 1.6. Also fixes an error introduced in 1.1.15 to add support for EPUB output through the DITA4Publishers plugin. If the D4P plugin was not installed, the build process would fail. These problems have been addressed.
See-also indexterms round-trip properly
See-also indexterm elements that wrap to another line in the XML would generate an extra nesting level after reopening the file. This no longer happens.
Support for topicref/@print=’no’ is working again
This support was added in 1.1.11, but then lost in 1.1.12 when the XSLTs were updated. Code to support this filtering has been added to the expandOrig.xsl file.
Topicrefs that include a ‘topicid’ reference no longer cause problems in xrefs
Previously a topicref/@href that included the topicid value (as in “filename.xml#topicid”) could, under certain situations result in a non-functioning xref to that topic. This type of @href value is no longer a problem.
Xrefs that include a prefix or suffix are no longer deleted on file open
If an xref element definition specifies a prefix or suffix, that element will properly render on file open and in book-builds.
Running the Apply Ditaval as Conditions command on a book file, works
Previously, running the Apply Ditaval as Conditions command on a book file didn’t not actually apply the conditions. It does now.
New conditions created by the Apply Ditaval as Conditions command are no longer colored red
Previously, when the Apply Ditaval as Conditions command created a new condition (because it didn’t exist), it was colored red. This doesn’t seem to serve any useful purpose, and now no longer happens.
Use an element template when creating a new file on Windows 7 or Vista
The element template feature now works properly on Windows 7 or Vista.
Replacing an existing image updates the @href attribute
You can now select an existing image and use File > Import > File to replace that image without deleting and reinserting the image element.
Create Archive command now creates a properly named archive file
As of DITA-FMx 1.1.15 the Create Archive command started creating an archive file with “more” at the end of the filename, and incorrectly included a list of files in the archive. The archive is now created properly.
Missing “gentpl” files no longer cause a book-build crash
If the BookTemplatesDir parameter in the book-build INI file wasn't referencing a valid location that contained the necessary “gentpl” templates for a bookmap that you’re trying to build, the Generate Book from Map command would crash. This no longer happens.
Reset Status command now offers a cancel option
The Reset Status dialog can be dismissed without actually resetting the status attribute values.