2.0.07 - 18 April 2019

New features

Added support for FM 2019

Only offering support for the 64-bit version of FM 2019 at this time.

Installer now updates maker.ini

The installer application now provides the option to comment out the default “fm-dita” API client entries in the maker.ini file. You no longer need to do this manually when installing DITA-FMx for the first time.

Added support for image formatting overrides

Allows the use of many of FrameMaker’s anchored frame properties. See Image Formatting Options, for details.

Added file name filtering in Insert Image dialog

The Insert Image dialog now provides the option for substring filtering of the file name to insert, making it much easier to locate image files in a long list.

New Configurator command

Simplifies the setting of default DITA-FMx and FrameMaker options by changing values in the ditafmx.ini and maker.ini files. Useful for helping to ensure team members are using the same settings or for switching between different settings for different projects. See Configurator, for details.

Structure application updates

Common EDD inset files
  • Updated commonElements.edd.fm to add formatting support for note/@type=notice and note/@type=warning. Added context rules to apply note.notice, note.warning, note.entry.notice, and note.entry.warning para tags.

Topic app (topic_1.2.edd.fm, topic_1.2.template.fm)
  • Added new para tags to Topic template for note type support added to EDD (note.notice, note.warning, note.entry.notice, and note.entry.warning).

  • Updated commonElements EDD inset in Topic EDD.

Book app (book_1.2.edd.fm, book_1.2.template.fm)
  • Added new para tags to Book template for note type support added to EDD (note.notice, note.warning, note.entry.notice, and note.entry.warning).

  • Updated commonElements EDD inset in Book EDD.

Book XSLT (bookmap2fmbook.xsl)
  • None

Component template updates
  • Import updates from EDD and template (for note/@type=notice and note/@type=warning) into component templates.

Element template updates
  • Updated new~reference~simple ref.fm element template to remove hard-coded @class attribute values (causing validation issues from the lack of trailing space).

Bug fixes / minor updates

DITA-OT 2.x updates
  • Added new ditafmx.ini parameters for the BuildFile section to provide additional support for DITA OT 2.x (or later) builds:

    BuildFile/OT2Params=<user params> (defaults to nothing)

    BuildFile/OT2Params-<build>=<user params> (applies only to current build, overrides OT2Params if set)

    BuildFile/OT2Logging=[<Verbose>/Debug/None] (None = errors only, if not set, defaults to Verbose)

  • If the OT2Params value specifies an output location (via '-output=' or '-o='), that will override the creation of the default builds directory based on the current filename.

Auto-prolog updates and fixes
  • Added optional ditafmx.ini parameter PrologOptions/UnknownDateStr for setting critdate/@created if unknown. (default “0000-00-00”, was “UNK”)

  • On file open, if critdate/@created is "UNK" it is changed to the value specified by PrologOptions/UnknownDateStr (default "0000-00-00").

  • If “New Author” option is not selected in the Auto-Prolog Options dialog, that value is no longer added to the prolog (as you’d expect).

New building blocks
  • Added $TITLE_SPACETODASH and $TITLE_SPACETODASHLC. Converts the document title to a dash-delimited string.

Image element enhancements
  • Added support for the image/@scale attribute. If the @height and @width attributes are empty, the value of the @scale attribute will be used for scaling the image.

    Tip: When inserting an image with the Insert Image dialog, enter NN% in the DPI field to set the @scale attribute.
  • Added (limited) support for @scalefit.

  • Support editing of @height, @width, @scale, @scalefit via attribute window.

Image element fixes
  • When referencing images, the drive letter is now treated in a case-insensitive manner, so an absolute path isn’t created to the same drive.

Xref fixes
  • If an xref with alt text wraps to a new line in the XML, the space (new line) between wrapped words is no longer lost on file save.

  • Added a feature to automatically add alt text to xrefs based on the target element type when selected in the Reference Manager. In the ditafmx.ini file, the INIOnly/AutoXrefTextElems parameter specifies a space delimited list of elements. If not set, no automatic alt text is added.

Conref fixes
  • When an @id is required on an element, if that element is included in a conref structure when saving the minimum required elements as a placeholder in the XML, a temporary @id is now added to that element. (Prevents Xerces error messages on file save.)

Keyref fixes
  • Improved the resolution of nested keyrefs.

  • Improved keyref resolution in titles and topicrefs.

Conkeyref fixes
  • A conkeyref of a table that has a row which contains no cells, will render correctly now.

Updated InstallApps API
  • Added ROOT option, allowing installation of custom apps in locations other than the default “FMHOME” area.

Fixed indexterm seealso forced sort string duplication
  • Added support for multiline see/seealso entries (happens when entry has multiple words).

  • While authoring, forced sort coding for seealso entries is not added (authors should not add); coding is added during the book-build process.

Reporting of read-only files
  • To disable to message box generated when opening read-only files set the ditafmx.ini file INIOnly/ReportRO parameter to “0”.

Processing instructions
  • Fixed round-tripping of comments and unstructured marker PIs.

Book-build INI updates
  • None.

ditafmx.ini updates
  • INIOnly/AutoXrefTextElems

  • INIOnly/ReportRO

  • BuildFile/OT2Logging

  • BuildFile/OT2Params

  • PrologOptions/UnknownDateStr