1.1.17 - 25 November 2013

New Features

Added new file name building blocks and modifiers
Added <$TITLE_NOSPACECAMEL> and <$TITLE_NOSPACECAMELLOW> building blocks. Also added ‘U’, ‘L’, and ‘T’ (upper, lower, title case) modifiers.
Added book-build option to modify the variable prefix
If using the General/ImportAttrsAsVars feature to generate FM variables based on map metadata, by default the variables are created with an “fmx-” prefix. If you’d like a different (or no) prefix, set the General/AttrAsVarPrefix to that value.
Added option to preserve table widths
If the ditafmx.ini INIOnly/PreserveTableWidths parameter is set to “1” the relative width of each table will be stored in the table/@pgwide attribute. This value will be used to adjust the width of each table when rendering the topic in FrameMaker. For additional details, see INI-Only Settings.

Structure Application Updates

No changes or updates have been made to the structure applications.

Bug Fixes / Minor Updates

Use a custom character format for xrefs
Previously, if you tried to use a character format for xref elements other than the default “link.asis” would result in the xref being non-functional. This has been fixed; you can now specify any character format.
The consfile.txt file is now copied to the book-build folder
At the end of each book-build, the current consfile.txt file is copied to the book build folder.
A semicolon in an indexterm no longer causes FM to crash
Previously, if an indexterm contained a semicolon, FrameMaker could crash. This no longer happens.
Multi-level forced sort in an indexterm works properly now
Previously, the forced sort (index-sort-as) mechanism only worked for single level index entries. It now works for multi-level entries.
Indented tables resize properly
Previously, if a table format specified that a table was indented, when resized to fill the text column it would overflow one side. Tables now properly fill the text column regardless of the indent.
Using an element template with a map on FM9-FM11 works properly
Attempting to create a map with an element template on FM9-FM11 was not working. This works properly now.
The “New DITA File” menu items are available in FM11 Author View
The “New DITA File” menu items were previously not functional in the FM11 Author View.
New DITA file titles will be added even if your EDD defines a prefix
Previously, if your EDD added a prefix to the topic title, the New File command would not add the new topic title to the file. This has been fixed.
Items on the New DITA File menu are now alpha-ordered
The new topic types on the New DITA File menu will now appear alphabetically ordered.
http-based image references work properly
Using an http-based reference to images had mixed results. It now works as expected.
Table cells rotate properly
Rotated table cells that contain child elements would previously not remain rotated after reopening a DITA file.
Content within a conreffed table row or cell no longer remains in the DITA
Typically, a conref element is empty (or just contains the minimal structure to make it valid). Previously, DITA-FMx would leave the content of a conreffed row or cell in the DITA file. Now this content is omitted.
Clipboard is no longer lost when using an import XSLT
Previously, when using an import XSLT with the DITA-FMx import client application, the clipboard would become non-functional. This has been fixed.