2.0.08 - 12 October 2020

New features

Added support for FM 2020

Only offering support for the 64-bit version of FM 2020 at this time.

Added DynamicTargets option for DITA-OT publishing

For use with DITA-OT 3.2 or later. This default option will automatically display the publishing targets for the currently installed OT plugins in the Current File list of the Generate Output dialog. To disable, set DynamicTargets=0 in the BuildFile section of the ditafmx.ini file.

Structure application updates

Common EDD inset files
  • None

Topic app (topic_1.2.edd.fm, topic_1.2.template.fm)
  • None

Book app (book_1.2.edd.fm, book_1.2.template.fm)
  • None

Book XSLT (bookmap2fmbook.xsl)
  • None

Component template updates
  • None

Element template updates
  • None

Bug fixes / minor updates

Changes to the DITA-OT options in the External Application Settings dialog
  • When selecting OT versions prior to 1.6 as well as 3.1.2 and 3.1.3, you will be prompted to enter the DITA-OT version.

  • For OT versions 2.0 or later, the Environment Setup File is automatically set to the bin/dita.bat file in the selected DITA-OT directory. For earlier versions the Environment Setup File must be manually selected.

Keyref resolution issue
  • A bug was causing the keyspace file to become corrupt, thus preventing it from loading, and preventing keyrefs to resolve properly. This has been fixed.

ditafmx.ini updates
  • BuildFile/DynamicTargets=[<1>/0]